Hedge Trimming

Regular hedge trimming is an important part of any lawn care regimen. At Tru Lawns, we can help keep your hedges looking their best with professional trimming services. We understand that different types of trees and shrubs require different approaches to pruning, and our experienced team knows the right techniques to use for each variety. Our goal is always to make sure your hedges look great while preserving their health so they will continue to thrive in the future. 

To ensure the best results, we’ll take into account things like plant shape, growth patterns, and potential hazards before beginning work on your property. When you trust us for hedge trimming services, you can count on a job done right! 


  1. Improved aesthetic appeal – Regularly trimmed hedges create tidier lines and a more manicured look for your lawn. They help make your yard look better overall, giving it that extra touch of class.
  2. Enhanced safety – Overgrown hedges can obstruct sidewalks and pathways, leading to potential accidents or injuries if not properly maintained. Trimming them back will ensure the safety of those walking near them, as well as allow you to avoid costly litigation in case someone trips over one of your bushes.
  3. Increased air circulation – Trimming your hedges allows the wind to blow more freely through them, which can be beneficial for both plants and people. The increased air flow helps keep plants healthy by allowing them to breathe better, while humans benefit from improved ventilation and cooler temperatures on hot days.
  4. Control of pests – Overgrown hedges are a haven for various pests like insects and rodents. Trimming back these areas gives you the chance to eliminate any existing pest problems before they become serious infestations.

At Tru Lawns, we understand how important it is to have a well-maintained lawn that looks great and is safe too! If you’re looking for professional hedge trimming


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